Golden Hour: New Video of Shinji Mikami and Keiichiro Toyama Released on YouTube

We have released a new video on YouTube, where we invited Resident Evil Creator Shinji Mikami to our office to share conversation with our own Creative Director, Keiichiro Toyama.
From their early days of coming into the gaming industry in Japan, when 3D games were only beginning to be the main trend, the two creators share insightful dialogue in how they came to create Resident Evil and Silent Hill. Toyama shares how inspirational Resident Evil was at the time and calls Mikami his ‘mentor he never learned directly from’. The two creators describe how they came through the industry and Mikami reveals his difficult position at times when he worked as both director and producer on the Resident Evil series.
“Golden Hour” refers to a particular time at sundown and sunrise, when the sun shines in golden color for only a precious amount of time. This video, shot at Bokeh Game Studio’s office bar, also proves to be a precious moment where creators of what is arguably the two most iconic horror franchises of all time share a drink. Mikami certainly shows his colors in unique metaphors such as describing his time working on Resident Evil as a “prison where you could freely make games”, and how he will only make a horror game again if “ideas come upon me like an eyelash”.
We will be working on this Golden Hour as a series, and invite many guests from the gaming industry(and beyond) in Japan. Note that “Ghostwire: Tokyo” has only been released by Tango Gameworks last week.