I oversee all business related communications overseas, all PR/Marketing matters and also support production. I have always loved games from Japan since I was a child, and came from the UK hoping to work with Japanese creators.

At my first workplace I met and had the pleasure to work with Sato-san, who was a producer there. A few years after I had left the company, he approached me with Toyama’s concept for a new game – and I didn’t hesitate for a moment to say yes. If you asked me to make a game by myself I would be helpless, but I specialize in supporting those who can.

I like to work spontaneously and flexibly regardless of what my specified job title is, and Bokeh is definitely the best environment in my career so far that has allowed me to do this. Starting with “Slitterhead”, I believe the team here will strive to create many unique, original titles – and I am excited to help bring these games to life.